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We know that a one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work

Our Mission

We aim to make employee engagement easy by designing fun and engaging tools that employees want and need to use. Our mission is to enhance the business culture and financial performance of progressive companies by providing easy to use, data driven, employee engagement and retention solutions.

Innovation and Experience

In May 2017, the Wrkit family became official. Groupschemes.com and POWR merged, bringing together 18 years of experience with innovative thinking.

We have a shared vision to create the most comprehensive kit of engagement tools and are committed to delivering the right solution for our client’s needs.

Our Commitment to the Future

At Wrkit we have big ambitions and a well-defined road map. Each new Wrkit product is designed to further enhance the culture and values of our client companies. Our flexible platform and multi-modular approach means as your organisation grows we can continue to provide you with relevant and impactful engagement tools.

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