4 Observations from #MHWS 2017

This year for the first time we (the Wrkit team) exhibited at Dublin’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit. Now in its second year running the event was well supported and attended; a great opportunity to showcase out employee wellbeing tool ‘POWR’. Speakers included sporting celebrity ‘Brent Pope’, Medical Director of St. Patrick’s Mental Hospital ‘Prof Jim Lucey’, CEO of Great Places To Work Ireland ‘John Ryan’ and many other experts from the fields of psychology, nutrition, meditation and exercise.

The broad range of topics attracted a diverse demographic of attendees. It was exciting and inspiring to see so much interest in mental health and to meet those proactive people pursuing change. Here are our four key observations from the day:

  1. There’s a thirst for mental health knowledge – From the minute the doors opened until 5pm when they closed there was a constant flow of people. At every break attendees were keen to collect leaflets, ask questions and most of all, learn about mental health. Depression, anxiety and stress are on the rise, this is driving people’s desire to learn about the causes, prevention and treatment for mental health problems.
  2. The construction industry is taking mental health seriously – Research tells us that men are less likely to talk about their mental health concerns. Promisingly, international construction group SISK were a headline sponsor of this year’s event. Representatives from various other organisations in the construction sector where also attracted to the event, looking for information on employee wellbeing solutions and hoping to expand their mental health knowledge.
  3. Teachers want mental health support – There was a lot of a teacher traffic, some seeking knowledge to help support their students while many were looking for mental health support for themselves and their colleagues. The Department of Education doesn’t currently offer supports for teachers however we spoke to representatives from many schools who are taking proactive steps, putting measures in place for themselves.
  4. Technology has its place in managing mental health – The host of exhibitors who attended were offering information and showcasing products of all kinds. There were multiple providers of corporate wellness tools – everything from office fruit providers to holistic therapies. POWR was the only product of its kind, receiving strong praise for its global scalability, clinical backing and ‘millennial suitability’. Mental health professionals from all areas were keen to see product demonstrations and ask questions.

If you missed us at the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit but would like some POWR product information or a product demo get in touch today – info@wrkit.com

Author – Sara Glynn, Marketing Manager – Wrkit