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Promote health, reduce stress and improve contentment with POWR, an evidence based digital wellbeing tool.

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A POWRful solution.

Users answer clinically validated questions confidentially in six key areas of wellbeing.







Dynamically assigned wellbeing plans empower users to proactively manage their mental and physical health. Personal growth is maximised by regularly checking POWR for new plans, challenges, articles and more.

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POWR was identified by ESB as an optimal digital resource to complement our range of established internal and external health & wellbeing supports. POWR aligns with our strategic focus of empowering our workforce to proactively manage their health & wellbeing.

Jennifer Grogan, ESB Health, Safety & Wellbeing Function

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A tool for life.

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Easy, remote access.

24/7 online accessibility supports remote, mobile and stationary workforces globally.

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Develop soft skills and share knowledge throughout your workforce. POWR’s diverse content covers the latest in healthy living and psychological trends.

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Social connection.

Using POWR group challenges an organisation can incorporate and promote other wellbeing initiatives and social events, such as sports and charity activities.

Complement your business culture.

Wrkit offers a suite of digital tools which can be used individually or in your preferred combination.

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