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Recognition Matters

Recognition from managers and peers is a top factor influencing motivation, job satisfaction and overall employee engagement.

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Our comprehensive kit of features will deliver big benefits to your business

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Recognition Comes First

It’s important to be told we’re doing a good job by our managers, and by our peers. The Wrkit recognition feature facilitates manager-to-employee, and peer-to-peer recognition.

Rewards to Delight

For those occasions when a simple ‘thanks’ just isn’t enough, the rewards feature will add a little extra for your star performers. Our large catalogue of brands includes something for everyone.

Get Social

Our social feed ensures employees are visibly recognised company-wide. This immediate feed-back allows co-workers to pile on praise, reinforcing social benefits.

WRKIT to fit your company values

Strategically support the ethos and values of your organisation. You define what behaviours are recognised and rewarded by customising them to support your company culture.

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Metrics That Matter

Use the dashboard to get a full picture of your program, set reward budgets for managers and for employees. Metrics allow managers to track and monitor success. Keep on top of everything from how much rewards credit is available, to the most rewarded employees.

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